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We’re Vicki + Erik, who also happen to be married. Oh, and wedding photographers. When we aren’t taking photos, we’re raising our daughter, Colette, or out being food tourists (or both). We spend just as much time planning where we want to travel next as we do visiting hole-in-the-wall restaurants where Anthony Bourdain ate. You’ll catch us listening to Opera and Johnny Cash as much as you will Vintage Punk Rock or M83. Our playlists reflect our approach to life. We love what we love, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s trendy or cool. Does it give us goosebumps? Ok, good. We split our leisure time between Netflix and Kindles. Our favorite shows involve true crime, dragons and absurd comedies. Our favorite books involve the same.  We love collecting vintage treasures and decorating.  We’ve skydived in California and bungee jumped in New Zealand. We hang out on Reddit and find inspiration from Eckhart Tolle. We both grew up with dark rooms in our homes.  When we take a walk outside, we are moved by the way light transforms a tree into more than the sum of its parts. We find inspiration in struggle and hardship. Before becoming professional photographers, one of us was a Fine Dining Pastry Chef, and the other helped handle finances for Metallica. Our first date was at the movies (Best in Show), followed by coffee in North Beach, San Francisco. We were both so nervous we barely talked at first, despite having been friends for a year. We’ve been married for 10 years (and counting), and know that the key to working and living together is compromise, laughter, and willingness to grow. We’re both fire signs, so we get to practice focusing our passion and letting go. A lot. We love what we do for a living and don’t care if it makes us rich. Our experiences are what make us wealthy. We’re looking for people who feel inspired when they look at our photos.  We’re looking for you.

Vicki + Erik

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