Golf courses


Golf courses are popular because they offer a range of options and opportunities for visitors to experience a variety of different golfing adventures. They are also popular for several reasons, including their scenic beauty and accessibility to many locations. This page offers an overview of the various golf courses found in the State of Arizona. And if you’d like to learn more about this amazing sport, be sure to read the content in a magazine exclusively about golf.

Arizona Golf Courses

Golf is a fun game, but not everyone can enjoy it. Even those who have no difficulty playing the game at all can often benefit from a few additional lessons. If you’d like to take your game to the next level, get ready to be hooked by a great Arizona golf course. You’ll find the best Arizona golf courses under one roof in one convenient location, all in one convenient location. The most popular Arizona golf course known for the amazing 1 night golf holidays, Flagstaff, is a 9,100-yard par 72 that offers nine holes of challenging golf. Arizona golf courses in general range from around 4,500 yards to over 8,000 yards, and Flagstaff is a prime example. To play the course, take in the scenic views from your driving range. You’re also in for an unforgettable golfing experience at the top of Arizona’s famed mountain range.

There are three main courses on Flagstaff. A 9-hole mini-mall course has two driving ranges, a par 4, and nine holes of challenging golf. You’ll also find a 7-hole course with two driving ranges, par 5, and eight holes of challenging golf. A 15-hole “Sailor Jerry” course has one driving range, six holes of challenging golf, and a challenging 9-hole par 3 that includes a two-shot, par 5, birdie putt from a difficult location. Go here if you would like to take the best golf lessons from TimberStone Golf Course.

If golf is more your speed, try a 9-hole mini golf course on Flagstaff. (Photo: Al Seib/The Republic)

The Flagstaff Golf Association offers an 11-hole mini golf course and a 12-hole miniature golf course on the grounds of a historic, century-old Flagstaff hotel. The mini golf course is set up with trees and baskets, and there’s a short par-3 course and a longer par 5, with a green-basket-style basket at the end of each hole. The course has been designed to be played with a wide variety of golf clubs and balls, so don’t think you have to wear anything specifically designed for golf.